Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A new approach in computer services delivery in Vancouver BC

After dealing with a lot of clients complaining about their past unreliable computer consultants we decided to commit ourselves to delivering fast, affordable computer network support with 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, really, money back... There is not even one IT company in Vancouver BC which guarantees IT support services with no contract (there is one offering a guarantee for contracts though)

We've created a new website to promote this new approach to Computer Services of our IT company in Vancouver.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Search Engine Optimization - SEO thoughts

I can bet all of you are getting phone calls from companies promising that "you'll be the first in Google search results if you work with us".
There is no such a thing other than the very unlikely situation that you receive the phone call from Google :)

What is almost sure when starting a SEO campaign is that if your website is somehow relevant for your specific activity and useful for the Internet users, you will be the first for your company's name and for some of the words in your activity, but this is going to happen only after a lot of work on your website to make it relevant and useful. How do you know when the website is well written? Ask a Search Engine Optimization Company which can show you some results, not only promises.

The days of simply repeating like a parrot words in your web pages to rank well in search engines are gone... not to mention the useless activity of "search engine submission"
There are still companies taking your money for this submission... but also there are still clients asking after 2 weeks "why my website is not the first in Google?" :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hazardous Waste Never Looked So Good!

BCEIA is pleased to announce the launch of a new Internet Portal dedicated to Hazardous Waste Management in British Columbia. The site http://www.hazwastebc.com was designed by Blueprof Consulting Inc. Vancouver and was developed as part of the Compliance Improvement Initiative undertaken by BCEIA with the support of the BC Ministry of Environment.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The new BCEIA Hazardous Waste Website

The new website was delivered by Blueprof to British Columbia Environment Industry Association and it's dealing with Hazardous Waste Management in BC. You can learn on this website about Environmental Regulation in BC, Hazardous Waste Compliance, Disposal, Transporters, etc.

We are very proud to be part of such important project. The new website can be reached at www.hazwastebc.com.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Why is it dangerous to download software from unknown sources?

I can't imagine a company where employees don't download small software either for their personal use or for completing tasks assigned.

But how dangerous is to download software from unknown sources?

Actually it is dangerous and big companies with IT security departments strongly prohibit this. We are trying to make our clients on network maintenance contracts understand this risk and also prohibit software download for employees without prior approval.
Well, it is not a popular measure but what is popular for users among security measures? :)

The reason is the software could be tampered. In other words there are guys out there who take a known software, add a piece of spyware like a key logger and repack the software and then offer it free on a peer to peer network.
You install that and suddenly all you type on your computer will be sent to those guys who packed the software for you... Everything, including your password from the on-line banking, your e-mail password, etc. How does this sound to you?

Friday, November 30, 2007

How To Get a Professional Business Website and Why

Any business owner and manager is now aware, whether their company is small or large that they need (at least)a website to progress in a competitive market. With a professional website you will get an edge over the competition.

OK, but what is considered "good enough" for a small business, should I build a big website or a two pages website will be enough to promote my company?

Well, you see, it's all about image, branding in general... plus the difference in money between a 3 pages website and 10 pages website it's not worth looking cheap.
For instance speaking about the web design market in Vancouver, BC, this Vancouver IT Company website, was a $1500 project (on June 2007) delivered promptly by ZoneArt Web Design from Vancouver, BC www.zoneart.net. That nice logo was basically free, included in the price for the website.

If you compare this with the cost of a Yellow Pages small ad, and considering that your website if promoted properly can be found easily in search engines I guess that it definitely worth to have a website.

And if you struggle with getting a domain name and a hosting provider, I recommend you have a look at 1 and 1, they are awesome so far with our sites, hopefully they are not going to change.

In conclusion, all you need is about $1500 (this price is ZoneArt's price in Vancouver) to get a nice 10-11 pages website with opt-in forms, photos, etc, a logo and if you ask them you could get a domain name and a hosting contract for one year from 1 and 1 included. All you need now is to promote your website, but this will be a separate topic.